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Hey there! If you’re reading this message, that means you found out about this new project early on. Leaves a […]

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Welcome to PlantAid! A service connected with your PlantPixeling. Experiencing problems with your houseplant? I am happy to help you […]

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After years of breeding and experimenting inside my secret lab on the metaverse, I have managed to develop tomato plants (species: Solanum lycopersicum) that grow all kinds of fruits. The experiments turned out to be so succesful, some plants are even able to grow money or tacos! Next to a set of new fruits, experiments also resulted into the plants developing their own personalities. They dress up exactly the way they like it, some more fashionable than others!

PlantPixelings is a collection featuring 10000 unique tomato plants. Each plant has a unique set of traits that differ in rarity. The traits are classified into a number of categories, including fruits, pots, hats, accesoires, eyes and backgrounds. PlantPixelings are available exclusively at OpenSea!

Owning a PlantPixeling gives you access to PlantAid, a service where you can ask for advice related to problems with your houseplant.